All rallied, including Canada and England

The employees of TIRU swing into action: runs are set up in all the TIRUS's facilities. In France, United Kingdom and Canada, the TIRU employees swing into action! They run under the colors of RUN ECO TEAM to spread the concept.

Villefranche-sur-Saône: they pick up waste while running

Villefranche-sur-Saône: they pick up waste while running

25 runners went into a symbolic action this friday morning along the Saône River, organized by TIRU which "runs" the incineration plant.

Under the colors of RUN ECO TEAM association, the project involves running, or even walking for non-sporting persons, while picking up waste found on the route.

(...) Supported by their CEO, Jean-Paul Chémarin, who sees in this projet "...the opportunity to inform the general public on our daily actions and to prove the cooperation between the syndicate and the operator.

Through these actions, the TIRU team conveys a strong message: Waste is a resource. Everyone should get involved into its reycling".

Les Foulées de Saint-Amandinoise : when sunday mornings jogging turn eco-friendly

"TIRU, a subsdiary of EDF Group, which runs the waste incinerator of Douchy-les-Mines is to carry out an eco-friendly awareness action.

...the idea: if they find waste while running, they are keen on picking it up. On the finish line, they can immortalize their find and post it on the Facebook page of RUN ECO TEAM, the association that launched this initiative, TIRU supporting it.

We thought the idea was very nice. The project has even been supported by Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)" praises Féréol Mazard, regional director of TIRU, "and it raises awareness to waste sorting."

"We explain that the waste left along the road can produce energy for the area (for example, the heat produced by the incinerator is injected in the heating network of Douchy) carries on Féréol Mazard. To do this, one has to choose the right sector."