A win-win partnership for Environment

A virtuous loop – Some people's waste becomes resources for others!

Every waste counts!

The partnership's aim is to support eco-citizenship and sustainable development. TIRU wishes to raise awareness among general public for sorting and processing waste. In the field, and in tight relation with its clients (communities and syndicates), the group increases the opportunities to promote best practices: sorting waste to recycle and reduce it. Today, RUN ECO TEAM supplies a new sports medium to these messages.

RUN ECO TEAM, a citizenship initiative born a responsible gesture

Nicolas Lemonnier, a french man living in Nantes, creates RUN ECO TEAM association in 2016. He gets into this adventure motivated by the will to leave a clean planet for his children and future generations. The principle is simple: « 1 run = 1 waste ». A year later, the association counts more than 17,000 members on its Facebook group and the decisive support of Mark Zuckerberg. As an Energy Transition player, TIRU just signed a partnership convention with RUN ECO TEAM, thus bringing its expertise to the eco-citizenship project of the association. This new partnership will help TIRU to push further its educational actions regarding waste issues: less production, more recycling, energy production from non-recyclable waste. With this joint-venture, both parties wish to reach two complementary aims : to mobilize always more people in favor of this environmentally friendly initiative!


TIRU and RUN ECO TEAM develop a completely unprecedented mobile app! In addition to usual running functions (performance, distance, route), it calculates the potential energy produced by the picked up waste.
A nice motivation to run further and further!