Kilowaster, how does it work?

Picking up waste is definitely not a symbolic gesture

Properly sorted, waste is recycled to produce new things or to be turned into green energy.

The Kilowaster is a fictional unit imagined by TIRU and ECO TEAM RUN. It materializes the potential materials or energy of the waste collected by the runners.

The most frenquently picked up waste (and posted on Facebook) has been analyzed: cigarette buts and packs, plastic or metal cans, cardboard, plastic bags, food wrapping or disc packaging...

An average weight has been determined: 1 waste = approximatively 153 grams. Thus one can value the potential energy/material of collected waste.

What does the meter say?

The more Kilowasters the meter records, the more our commitment contributes to produce new materials and energy!

TIRU sorts and transforms waste into energy

Sorting and recycling to provide a second life to the waste

In 2016, thanks to its technological skills and innovation (waste sorting and recycling into energy) TIRU has treated 3.26 million tons of waste, producing 2.76 TWh of electricity and vapor, which represents:

The heating of a city of 412,000 inhabitants (slightly less than Toulouse)

The electric power consumed by a city of 370,000 inhabitants, such as Nice

The gas consumption of 4.000 people


TIRU and RUN ECO TEAM develop a completely unprecedented mobile app! In addition to usual running functions (performance, distance, route), it calculates the potential energy produced by the picked up waste.
A nice motivation to run further and further!